It is a well known fact that the universe and human being are inter-related. when there is harmony between the two, then a state of balance is achieved. This knowledge was discovered by the ancient stages of India , thousands of years ago. Nowadays, in these modern times quantum theory is proven scientifically that energy is completely inter- connected and has come to many of the same conclusions as the ancient truth seers. For human beings it is clearly a good idea to live with in the rhythm of the Universe, To attain total health and to aim for a total happy life.

This fascinating discovery about how a human can maximize happiness by living in accordance to the laws of the Universe is the foundation for Ayurveda:- the science of life and knowledge of natural healing therapies. Although Ayurveda is more than five thousand years old, it was practically unknown in the western world until fairly recently. However, this age old wisdom has now been verified through scientific discoveries, for example, the mind-body connection, and the significance of Ayurveda has become recognized throughout the world. People all over the world are walking up to the relevance of Ayurvedic treatment and many found the results more effective that traditional western medicine.

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