Ayurveda does not produce any harmful side effects, because it was invented using 'Nidhana Panchakam' (principles of Ayurvedic diagnosis), which are based on the understanding of cause and effect to enable the most effective treatment, for the individual person.

The scientific knowledge used in Ayurveda promotes a completely holistic approach to the diagnosis treatment of any imbalance.

The process of treatment emphasizes 96 basic principles based on 'Tridosha Sidhantha' (Vatha,Pitha, Kpha theory). These principles are a complete science but even to this day they undergo constant research to maintain developments and secure ever more effective treatments. We welcome these efforts, undertaken universally and eagerly awaits any new results that can be integrated in to our system of practice. We also use the positive principles of Yoga, Alongside Ayurvedic treatment to ensure effective results.

We have been working with this vision of Ayurveda and Yoga for many years. Our institution is run by highly qualified and accomplished doctors in Ayurvedic Medical Science and Ayurvedic Panchakarma Technicians.

We promote a pure and safe way to conserve and maintain good health.


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